Vinyl Decal Installation

Even The Odd Co.

Vinyl Decal Installation

Vinyl decals are semi-permanent stickers that can be applied to both indoor and outdoor items that are flat and sturdy. If applied correctly, they are tough enough to survive for 2-3 years outside in the rain and snow, or much longer if they don't have to brave the elements. 

Show support for your favourite indie game by rocking these decals on your car window, laptop, tablet, phone, your console of choice, or almost anything else that has a smooth surface!

Even The Odd Co. may sell vinyl stickers based on the indie games you know and love, or we may even include decals with your order at no charge. You deserve it! If you have received a vinyl decal from ETOC, here are the instructions you should follow to get the best results:

1. Make sure that the surface that you want to apply the decal to is clean and relatively smooth. Vinyl will not stick well to dirty or uneven surfaces.

2. Before pulling off the application tape, use a credit card or similar sized object to scrape across the decal to make sure that the application tape is secure.

3. Remove the application tape from the backing by slowly peeling back the application tape at as close to a 180 degree angle as possible. The decal design will come up with it. Do NOT pull straight up, or else some of the graphic make not peel correctly. If any portion of the decal does not lift with the application tape, gently put the tape back on the backing and use a credit card to press down on it again.

4. Place the decal on the item slowly. We recommend using both hands to push the two edges together to form a "U" shape. This provides better control over where you place the center of the decal.

REMEMBER: Vinyl is extremely sticky. You only have ONE SHOT to place it correctly!

If you try to pull it off quickly because the positioning isn't quite right, you're likely going to lose that part of the design and potentially ruin the decal/item you're applying it to.

5. Once the decal is on the item, use a credit card again to scrape over the transfer tape. This ensures that even pressure has been applied across the design and the design will adhere to the surface for a long time.

6. Carefully peel back the transfer tape at as close to a 180 angle as possible from the item. The decal should stay on the item as the tape comes off. If any portion of the design is lifting, apply pressure with a credit card again to make it stick for good.

That's it! It's not really too difficult, but it can be a bit nerve racking because you do need to get the placement right the first time...

That said, Even The Odd Co. cannot be responsible for any issues you may encounter when applying vinyl decals to your own items. ETOC is not responsible for and will not replace decals placed incorrectly, breaking as a result of user placement, or damaging any personal items caused by the application of vinyl decals. It's very sticky, so be careful!